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MBBS study in Russia is extremely popular in India due to the fact that, way back in 1996, the Indian students who were passionate to become doctor started traveling here. Since 1974 Russia trains International students specially in Medicine.


The top medical education in Ukraine is older than 75 years also it is completely taught in the English language. There are a huge number of Indian students have returned back to India after completing their MBBS at Ukraine MBBS colleges.


The lowest cost medical programs for Indian students is available at MBBS in Georgia. At the total cost of below Rs. 12.00 Lacs including the fees structure and hostel accommodation. The Georgia MBBS program can be completed within 6 years.

Apply on spot

  • Passport copy (If not ready, any photo ID with adress proof).
  • Higher Secondary & Secondary mark statements copy.
  • Colour passport size photos 10 Nos.
  • Filled application.

MBBS program & University details

  • Most of all Universities provided by ZIMA TrusT is Government budget Universities.
  • 5.8 years of total study, after completing the course with PASS result university will issue Degree "Dotor of Medicine" (which is equvalent to MBBS).
  • Full time English medium instruction (Lectures, Practical & Exams).
  • Universities preferring by us having special Ministry license for teaching in English.
  • Tuition Fee must be paid by the candidate in Universities bank.
  • Most of the Universities provide furnished campus hostel rooms.
  • After completion candidates able to join in Post Graduate as well as in any specialisation for affordable cost.
  • In Russian Federation after completion candidates having chance to work here itself.


Students wishing to study MBBS in (Russia | Ukraine | Georgia) English Medium should be proficient in English as well as admission to the first academic year based on Higher Secondary marks certificate. Medical Council of India norms for admission will be followed without any negotiations. Most of all Universities will conduct a English Language Test upon arrival to the University. More over students aiming to get admission in Ukrainian Universities has to attend the visa interview in English at the Ukrainian Embassy. Students admitted into this programme will undertake courses in English simultaneously with the systematic study of the Russian language. It gives an opportunity for students to overcome the language barrier at the beginning and to learn Russian at a less intensive pace.

Study Environment

Mostly Russian | Ukrainian Universities have trend in teching system, generally number of 16-18 students will be a group in a class. This gives more attention between student - teacher. The main aim is to make close interaction between student and teacher. The teaching methods for classes may vary depending on the demands of the degree but for medical education involve practical sessions, theory, lectures, and individual research projects and group projects. These classroom environments and teaching methods are monitored by the respective Universitie's heads and continuously improved. The Russian / Ukrainian University syllabus are designed to help foster the development of mature minds and student's independence and ability to formulate their own judgments. This ensures that students get a strong academic foundation to be able to pursue an education path that leads to becoming a qualified Doctor.

Academic schedule

Academic year starts on 1st of September every year. Each academic year has 2 semesters, 1st sem starts from 1st Sepetember to 15th January & 2nd sem starts from 15th Febrauary to 7th July. Only for first year students can be admiited upto November. Incase of late admission (After 1st of September) there will be extra classes for candidates everyday. Classes will be conducted everyday except Sunday. Everyday 8:30 usually classes starts and ends at 3;30. Saturday will be halfday, means classes will ends on 1;30. Extra classes may conducted after main classes. From 4th course where clinical subjects starts most of the classes will be conducted in University hospitals, Polyclinics, City Central Hospitals and Diagnostics centers. Extra curicullary activities like sports and others are allowed after classes. Mostly all Russian | Ukrainian Universities having their indoor and outdoor stadiums, zym, swimming basins & more activities. Students can use University library and online storages. Even many Universities having study halls and libraries in hostels. Examinations: First semester examinations conducted usually in January & Second Semester in June-July. Vacations: Summer vacation – Between July and August (2 months) Winter vacation – January 15th to Febrauary 15th (30 days). Students are given full visa support to visit India during both vacations. Apart from this 24 hrs visa support is there for emergency trip to India.

Educational consultants

# 41, GST Road,
Opp. Tambaram railway station,
Thambaram, Chennai - 600045.
Tamil Nadu. India.

# 83 B Lenin street,
Medical Hostel # 4, Off # 612,
Rostov-on-Don - 344034, Russia.

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